We hope these FAQ’s of some commonly asked questions about our products are helpful.  More detailed FAQ’s are available on request.
Can I play an announcement that greets my conference participants before they join a conference?2018-02-23T17:00:28+00:00

Yes, if you register your name on the system, then all participants joining the conference will hear the announcement of your name

This will confirm to your invited participants that they are entering the correct conference.

How do I record my conference?2018-03-16T11:41:38+00:00

You will be asked by the system when you first dial in.  If you want to record the conference, press ‘1’ when asked “Would you like to record this conference?”.  Recording may be paused and resumed by pressing ‘*5’ during a conference (Conference Chairperson Only)

Is there a limit to the duration of a conference?2018-02-23T16:47:24+00:00

There is no limit on the duration of each conference

Is there any limit to the number of participants in a conference?2018-03-16T11:41:38+00:00

There is no limit on the number of participants in each conference, other than the physical limit of the System. The capacity of the System is allocated on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Participants can remain in a conference after the Conference Chairperson has left, but no new participants can join.

Can a Client request a specific interpreter that they have previously spoken to?2018-02-23T16:08:39+00:00

Yes they can. When a Client talks to an Interpreter, if they want that Interpreter next time then they ask the Interpreter for their Code, which they use the next time they dial in.

When does the recording start for a session?2018-03-16T11:41:38+00:00

The recording is done by the conferencing module, and only starts at the point the parties are connected to the conference.

This happens after the client hears “Connecting you to the interpreter. To call an additional party, press 9”, and at the same time the interpreter hears “Please hold, while we connect you to the caller.”

If the caller hangs up (either deliberately, or their call was lost), during that introductory announcement, before they were actually conferenced to the interpreter, there will not be a recording. However, the system will consider it a successful (and chargeable) call because the interpreter had answered and accepted the call.

Can I change the wording and the graphics of emails the system sends out?2018-02-23T16:04:22+00:00

Yes, you have full editing control over the following emails the system sends out:

  • User registration
  • Interpreter login
  • Interpreter Face-to-Face Confirmation
  • Client Face-to-Face Confirmation

To edit these emails in the Environment Configuration Menu.

What are the ways a caller can prompt the system to call an Operator?2018-03-16T11:41:38+00:00

If a caller is unable to login (enter their account PIN), select a suitable language or interpreter, they are directed to an Operator.  Similarly if no interpreters are available for the selected language.  Clients can also be routed directly to an Operator by pressing # on their telephone handset at any of the prompts.

Is it possible for a Client to connect a third party into the call as well as the interpreter?2018-03-16T11:41:38+00:00

All clients are able to call third parties through the system, after being connected to an interpreter and can in fact connect multiple third parties during a call.  The call costs for these extra participants are not charged to the Client.

Is it possible to set individual rates on a per language basis for interpreters?2018-02-23T15:54:42+00:00

Yes its possible to do that via the Interpreter Report on the main menu of the system.  You can select the interpreter, add or select the the language skill and amend the default rate for this specific language skill for that interpreter.

Can I add new languages to the system?2018-03-17T17:56:25+00:00

Yes, you can add a new language, but the associated audio prompt can only be added by the system administrator

Can we have our company name as part of the audio announcement when the system rings an interpreter?2018-02-23T15:33:35+00:00

Yes, this can be set to “This is an (company name) request for the language …”

What happens if an Interpreter is on holiday?2018-02-23T15:50:49+00:00

We have a new feature in our system where you can set a holiday period for an interpreter so that calls are not automatically sent to them while on holiday.

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