Corporate Business Practices, Ethics and Principles

Miton’s prime focus is treating our customers with integrity and fairness and providing absolute customer satisfaction.  This is what differentiates us in an ever-increasing competitive market where the pace of development and operational issues contunually increase in complexity and pace.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Miton – our customers have to trust we will do what we say we will do and that we are an ethically responsible organisation in the community in general.

Our working practices provide the ground rules to enable us to stick to these principles.

We honestly believe that a successful company is one that acts with integrity, sticks to its core values and earns the trust and respect of its peers. We strive to make Miton a company that customers want to continually do business with and that we can all be proud to work for.

Mitons Business Principles

These principles apply world-wide, to all employees, agents, contractors and others when representing Miton. As individuals and as a company we will always follow these principles.

Conform to Health & Safety Codes of Practice

Care for the health and safety of each other, our products and our operations.

Consider The Environment

Minimise the potential harmful effects of our activities on the environment.

Operate Within the Law

Miton will act within the law in respect of our business practices, software licensing obligations and any other relevant regulations.

Compete Honestly & Fairly

Miton will compete fairly in our markets, being honest and applying integrety in all our dealings.

Confidentiality of Information

Miton will take all resonable steps to protect the confidentiality of our company, employees and customer information.

Communicate Truthfully

Miton will communicate truthfully and be helpful and accurate in our communication.

Diversity of Individuals

Miton will endeavor to treat all individuals fairly and impartially, without prejudice, and never tolerate harassment in any form.

Mitons Relationships

We have specific expectations and commitments which apply in our relations with our customers, employees, partners, suppliers and in the communities where we operate.


We want to be our customers’ first choice for quality, value and service and develop relationships based on mutual trust that will help us deliver solutions that satisfy and meet our customers’ needs.


Our intention is to attract, develop and motivate the best people and enable them to bring out the best in themselves.. We will create a work environment that is open, honest and unprejudiced and which encourages people to achieve their full potential. We will value people’s individual and team contributions, and offer opportunities to share in the company’s commercial success.